The Yoga of Sound in Modern Times – new workshop

In Los Angeles on January 28 and 29 Yoga of Bass founder Claire Thompson is premiering a new interactive workshop exploring sound, music, silence and movement from ancient and modern perspectives:

The Yoga of Sound in Modern Times with Claire Thompson
In ancient India, one of the paths a yogi could study was that of the Yoga of Sound, or Nada Yoga. But how do we practice this in our modern world? From cultivating silence, looking into the neuroscience of listening, using music as meditation and mood-changer, to finding dance floor freedom, discover how to connect with and expand on this powerful practice.

Workshop includes lecture, discussion, meditation, music, kirtan, movement, and snacks!

LA West Side: Saturday January 28, 2-4 pm at Middle Way LA, the Buddhist Center where Claire did many of her studies.
$15 Tickets:

LA East Side: Sunday January 29, 5-7 pm at Kinship Yoga, the studio where Claire currently teaches!
$15 Tickets:

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