Offerings for 2016-17

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Yoga of Bass has a wide variety of experiences to offer music festivals and yoga studios in 2016-17:

  • Yoga of Bass Asana & DJ sessions pairing Claire’s unique blend of deep stretch, free movement, yoga flow, and meditation with bass-heavy sets by David Starfire or Desert Dwellers, bringing you from juicy stretch & breath to wild dance and back.
  • ‘Guided Partner Massage Workshop’ – a grounding and inspiring chance for festival goers to connect inward and with each other, as well as learn a simple but effective shiatsu-based massage sequence. 
  • ‘‘Yoga with the 5 Elements’ and ‘Mindfulness in Yoga Practice’ – asana classes from Claire based on Indian and Tibetan Yoga, principles of anatomy from her 16 years in massage therapy, and the Yoga of Bass vibe of fun and flow. 
  • Yoga of Bass interactive talks/workshops (75-90 mins) are available for the Speakers area:
  • -The Yoga of Sound:  In ancient India, one of the paths a yogi could study was that of the Yoga of Sound, or Nada Yoga.  But how do we practice this in our modern world?  From cultivating silence, looking into the neuroscience of listening, and embracing modern technology, to using music as meditation and mood-changer, to full on festival dance floor freedom, discover how to connect with this powerful practice.
  • - Peak, Flow and Letting Go: An engaging and interactive discussion of  the power of music and dancing, the flow states we reach on the dance floor, and how we can combine these experiences with daily spiritual practice to create a truly transformational life.
  • - Music, Ecstasy and Freedom: The signature talk exploring the parallels between the ecstatic states of love, unity and connectedness we reach with music and on the dance floor, and those of the physical and meditative paths of Yoga.
  • -The Union of Shiva and Shakti – Fun and experiential meditations on sound and music, movement and sensuality from the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. and how to use them to drop you into the Moment, or even Enlightenment.
  • For Bookings, contact – Yogaofbass(at) 

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